Which is your type?

The Kempa shoe families embody the most important basic properties for indoor shoes - lightness and stability!

With the shoe families WING and ATTACK Kempa provides a shoe range that allows all athletes to choose the best shoes for their individual needs. As one of the lightest shoes on the market the new WING LITE 2.0 is predestined for fast and flexible players. The more powerful and bigger athletes may choose the ATTACK ONE CONTENDER or MIDCUT to stand their ground.

The new ATTACK ONE CONTEDNER is the lightest stability shoe on the market right now (318g in size UK 8)! Due to the assets of the MATRYX®-technology based on kevlar fibres the shoe construction is very light but provides the required stability to hold up the power transmission during accesion, jump and a high amount of 1-on-1 duels. The patented MICHELIN outsole also supports the reduction of weight und guarantees optimum grip and feedback to the ground at any time!